About Loose Debra

Loose Debra started life as a catalogue of tops, for smaller busted or flat women, that looked good without having to wear a bra. We'd go shopping, take selfies and talk about 'bra free tops' so that followers could ponder the possibility of dressing as comfortably, freely and stylishly as you like. 

As sisters with breast cancer and double mastectomy without reconstruction in the family,  we felt it healthier to let our lymph flow free, and decided bras were a social construct not Every Body needs.

As Loose Debra evolves it's clear that followers like the Blog, and subject-matter has expanded to include aspects of freer lifestyles.

In our quest to free ourselves and others from the ties that bind, we'll look into anything that promises liberty. But we still rarely wear bras.

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Jane Anderson, Co-founder and Arbiter of Taste (Self-Appointed)

Karen Dobres, Co-founder and Chief Freedom Fighter

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