Giving birth to a bra-less future

 Image credit:  Lee Washington

Image credit: Lee Washington

Last year I decided to go braless. I wanted to feel comfortable and carefree underneath my clothes, and was confident enough to let go of the bra straps. I was keen to feel healthy and let all the fluids flow free around my body!! However, I found that despite the still rather warm October, a couple of points really stood out...

So begun the search for tops which would disguise this attention-grabbing feature - I wanted clothes that would enable people to meet me before they met any part of my anatomy.

So I looked at ruffley tops.....hmmm, some were a bit too fussy. Then, baggy tops...not very flattering. Then darker colours....hmm, bit depressing at times. It was a mission to find something to fit the bill.

I had two parameters to consider. One was that the top should flatter me; the other that it should be in a beautiful, natural fabric if possible. Call me a health-freak fashionista if you will, but I don't do dowdy and I won't do nylon. Well... unless it's fab.

I have to report that I came up against style brick walls; comfort and chic, it seemed, weren't natural bedfellows...

"Does wanting free breasts mean I can't look my best?" I asked the Universe. The Universe said, "Not at all. Look further, search deeper..."

So, I looked deeper into shops, and researched further on the Web. And this, my friends, is how, with a sigh of relief and a taste of freedom, I flung my 34 A to the winds, and Loose Debra was born!

Karen Dobres, Co-founder and Chief Freedom Fighter