Losing the Bra

Are you a Western woman in this world? Then, chances are, you probably wear a bra... just like most of your sisters since the 19th Century...

 Support of the bosom by a bodice (French: brassière). 1900

Support of the bosom by a bodice (French: brassière). 1900

For ages women have tried all sorts of different ways to cover, change the appearance of, or constrain, our breasts. Even before the brassiere came into being in the 1800s, we've used wraps, stays, corsets, bands and camisoles to control the shape of our boobs and keep up with culutral fashion.

Back in the days of Ancient Rome young girls wore tight breast bands to discourage growth and sagging, since large breasts were regarded as comical, unattractive or a sign of being past it.

Victorian women donned a drawstring chemise and then tight-laced the waist with a corset to emphasise their buxomness. A lot of constriction went on in the fickle names of fashion and constructed femininity.

Here at Loose Debra you can probably tell that we like a good play on words. We've been smiling at the urban myth that credits one Otto Titzling (yup, tit sling) with inventing the modern bra. Sadly Otto lost a lawsuit to Phillip de Brassiere (that's it, fill it right up). This story was made popular in 1971 with the publication of "Bust Up: the uplifiting tale of Otto Titzling and the Development of the Bra". And if you can buy that on Amazon, you're a better person than us.

Obviously, what with our name and aim and all that, we aren't huge fans of the brassiere. We like comfort and movement too much to wear a garment that presses into our bodies. We also dislike societal impositions and would prefer to remain free and easy. At Loose Debra we're interested in the liberation of chests from bras, and finding garments which allow us to do this without compromising our style.

Surveys tell us that between 75 and 95% of Western women wear bras. And yet, we believe, that wearing a bra is a matter of choice - not a necessity. With this website we aim to show you how to lose that bra, and regain your fashionable freedom...