Tops That Shout on No Bra Day

It may have escaped your attention (you were probably busy explaining to someone that breast cancer's not very sexy, or trying to avoid the objectification of women in the media), but last Tuesday, October 13th 2015, was actually International No Bra Day.

Now here at Loose Debra, seeing this in our newsfeed, I became very excited. Wow, other people are in on the secret - they get that you can be freer and more comfy without a bra (usually if you're smaller-chested or flat-chested or no-chested, but whatever). Hooray, let's do a special feature on women opting not to wear a bra for the day!

But then I read the copy promoting the day, which is supposed to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, and started to cringe. Here it is:

"Boobies are Fantastic… We all think so. And what better way to express the way we feel than to support a full day of boobie freedom??
Women are magnificent creatures, and so are their breasts. Let us spend the day unleashing boobies from their boobie zoos.
Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours by removing those dreadful (but at times oh-so-helpful) bras. Our perkiness should not be hidden. It is time that the world see what we were blessed with. Your breasts might be colossal, adorable, miniature, full, jiggly, fancy, sensitive, glistening, bouncy, smooth, tender, still blossoming, rosy, plump, fun, silky, Jello-like, fierce, jolly, nice, naughty, cuddly… But the most used word to describe your breasts on October 13
th should be FREE!
Yay for boobies!
P.S. Ladies…. Wearing a white t-shirt on this day is not only acceptable, but encouraged!

**Breast Cancer is something you should take seriously and be checked for.** "
(End Quote)

Well, I harrumphed a bit. Especially when we saw the very sexy picture of a woman taking off her bra which accompanied it. Was it written by a 9 year old? There seems to be a running theme this October, that as long as breast cancer awareness is mentioned, it doesn't matter what you do. The end (funding or added awareness) always justifies the means. Unfortunately, awareness is, as you can see, tagged on to the end of the promotion, almost as an afterthought, following the writer's excited anticipation of the 'jiggly' nature of free 'boobies' and the thought of seeing them through white T-shirts. I'm sorry, but someone please explain where taste and judgement come into this, because right now it sounds like a thinly veiled attempt to objectify women using the platform of breast cancer awareness.

This opinion was confirmed on Twitter where the hashtag #NoBraDay really 'took off' (sorry), with some people posting sexy bra-free selfies, and some others lending their 'support' in very salacious terms.

Many comments were critical, from both men and women: "#NoBraDay 'cos let's turn breast cancer awareness into something pervy", or "#NoBraDay, the latest way to do nothing about cancer", and some were downright scary, suggesting that taking away the bra made it one step easier to rape a woman.

Conclusion: It kind of backfired.

So, as we're all about opting not to wear a bra because we don't need to and we feel freer and more comfortable without one; (ie, not because we look oh-so-very-sexy taking the damn thing off!), I celebrated #NoBraDay by buying and wearing a new top. Then I made a cuppa, and switched on the telly....what do you think?

 Watching telly and hangin' loose :-)

Watching telly and hangin' loose :-)

I found this lovely sweat at Preloved of Brighton, a great second-hand clothes shop in Brighton where everything is designer or high-end high street. Proprietor Vanessa always has a wide, seasonal selection in store and gives good advice about what suits and what doesn't. There was no doubt in my mind that this sweatshirt would be perfect of course - just the right message, and a designer snip at £30 :-)

Loose Debra has long been fans of so-called 'Tops That Shout' - have a look at our Pinterest Board here. They are bold, distracting and, as Bella Freud has said about her famous jumpers, they are also 'conversation starters'. Loud, proud messages draw the eye and engage the brain, taking attention away from a flatter chest or the lack of a bra. For this reason they are a go-to favourite for subtle and easy bra-free days. The fact that I'm not wearing a bra really doesn't need to be the focal point of any conversation, but 'hanging loose'? Well, I'm a sucker for a cool message :-)

YMC (You Must Create) who made the statement sweat sell a similar one here, though I thoroughly recommend dropping by Preloved of Brighton for similar bargain goodies.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, and, remember, don't believe the crazy hype - Every Day Is No Bra Day!! ;-)

Karen Dobres, Chief Freedom Fighter