Seven Style Secrets For Flatter Fronts

It's sooooo not true that a woman with a flat chest 'can wear anything'. It's a Total Lie made up by fashion designers and our more buxom sisters to stop us moaning and bypass the whole issue of how best to dress a flatter chest. Those of us with flatter fronts want wearable clothes that don't exaggerate flatness or draw unwanted attention to nipples. The thing is, not all of us are planning on walking down a catwalk any day soon, neither do we want anyone's first impression to conjure up thoughts of ironing boards, or for them to feel they ought to say hi to our nipples before they greet us. (Yes, been there, and learnt from the experience). So, following ideas from our Pinterest account, where we've collected some awesome styles for bra-free flatter chests, we're revealing seven Style Secrets to make the most of your gorgeous flat chest (and none of them require the services of a bra or nipple daisies or chicken fillets or any other weird, unnecessary addition).

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Strategic Use of Pleating, Gathering and Draping...

Any top or dress that pleats or gathers from the neck down is a great friend. A wide neck band with gathers falling freely down the body is a beautiful sight. This category would include cowl necks (though try on first and check that the material is draping and folding enough across the chest as some cowl necks are too high and don't make enough of a statement). It'd also include some swing dresses and halter tops.



Accentuate the waist...

Tops or dresses that cinch in at the waist, due either to elastication, ruching or a waist-enhancing belt. Exaggerating the waist magically creates more fullness in the bust area, and the blouson effect disguises exact bust size. 


Exposure of Other Body Areas.

We're talking about off the shoulder Bardot tops, cold-shoulder tops, backless dresses and tops, one shoulder tops, a great halter....all of these will draw attention to different parts of your anatomy so giving the chest far less prominence without skimping on sexiness. The shoulders and the back are also erogenous zones after all :-)



4. MAN UP.

Using masculine tailoring...

Embrace the lack of curvature and wear a crispy shirt, waistcoat and a nice tux and trousers. Include a wide-band wrist watch and a cool pair of brogues, and you're an iconic mannish girl. Mens' clothes don't generally try to accommodate a bust or draw attention to it, so you're onto a winner with this kind of look.



5. SHOUT! 

Pattern and Usage of Colour.

Yes, really loud patterns and riots of colour can also work to your advantage by forcing the eye to their beauty and graphic detail. We call them Tops that Shout! Horizontal stripes can also work well, as can lighter shading across the chest, with darker banded trimming in terms of strategic colour blocking to make certain areas stand out and others retreat..



6. BIG IT UP. 

Frills, ruffles, embroidery, double pockets, bibs and sequins.

All of these wonderful embellishments exaggerate the chest area with fullness, detail and volume, so creating the illusion of a lot going on. And, our fuller-chested sisters can have a hard time pulling them off stylishly. Sorry not sorry - tehee!



7. ADD ON.

Accessorize to your advantage.

These can do a lot in terms of pulling your outfit together and demanding attention. Scarves in particular can drape across the chest or cowl low round the neck, and even a great pair of sunglasses will bring the gaze to the face rather than the chest. We love a chunky bangle with rings, or a long statement necklace which can lend you all the front you need.


Hope you like our ideas for great frontage. Put them to good use, lose the bra, and send us a Loose Selfie for our board. Comments and your ideas for flatter fronts most welcome. Thanks for reading, and may your Vs never, ever, plunge too low :-)


Karen Dobres, Chief Freedom Fighter, Loose Debra


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