Freedom: more than skin-deep

Sabine Dahn, Weleda Advisor, Brighton, UK writes...

   Weleda gets the thumbs-up from Loose Debra Co-founder and Arbiter of Taste (Self-Appointed), Jane. And, no, they didn't give us any free products :-)

Weleda gets the thumbs-up from Loose Debra Co-founder and Arbiter of Taste (Self-Appointed), Jane. And, no, they didn't give us any free products :-)

I love the desire for freedom as expressed in Loose Debra. Glamorous bralessness topples artificial ideas about beauty and femininity created for profit by the fashion industry. The same artificial ideas are peddled  by the cosmetics industry of course. But the choice is ours, as alternatives do exist, and some, like Weleda’s 100% natural and ethical skin and body care products, have been around since 1921. 

Weleda believes that every person has his or her own natural beauty - unique and changing over time. Our products are here to restore and nourish inherent health and let this beauty shine in all its radiance. Natural beauty means healthy skin nourished with natural plant oils, derived from vibrant plants that have grown on lush biodynamic farms all over the world. These farms give people positive workplaces and a fair income, and the plants are taken from nature under conditions that allow them to flourish and to continue existing for generations to come. The plants are then turned into tinctures, creams and lotions positively BRIMMING with life! I love the fact that in my role as a Weleda Advisor I get to tell people about products that are a revolutionary choice…a choice for our skins to breathe freely instead of choking under layers of petrochemical oils. I get to tell them how they no longer need apply chemicals that seep through our skin into our bloodstream and accumulate in our internal organs. I get to advise how to to be who we are without the limitations of compartmentalised ideas of beauty. And not only that….

Weleda products are also a choice for freedom in many other ways. The company has traded fairly from its outset in 1921 and works with the Union for Ethical Bio Trade. UEBT is a global organisation which ensures that its members source ingredients responsibly, and support fairly traded partnerships and equitable distribution of natural resources and biodiversity. Weleda ensures that packaging is recyclable and that people who work for them, and with them, are treated as people and not ‘human resources’. 

When it comes to purchasing health and beauty products all of us can make a firm stand for monumental freedom….freedom from oppressive trade contracts, freedom from animal testing, freedom from destroying the earth for the privilege of putting our health at risk. In fact, the freedom to be respected individuals and live according to our beliefs and values. 

Weleda places wellbeing in its widest sense above everything, and we continue to grow, spreading our passion for beauty, wellness and environmental respect around the world. If you would like to find out more about Weleda products, or would like to invite a group of friends to your home to find out about and sample Weleda products together please feel free to get in touch.