Breakfast At Debra's: Green Smoothie, Chestnut Pancakes and Ta Dah Breakfast StirFry

Click on the pics to get a sense of the taste ;-)

Let's talk about the first meal of the day. All we are hearing about is bullet proof coffee, green smoothies,  juices and paleo concoctions. Do grains really cause inflammation? (They do for some). Is orange juice so acidic? (Err...yes!). Can we eat our favourite chocolate croissant? (Of course, but not too many). What does all this stuff actually taste like?......We've decided to road-test recipes we've seen on healthy social media foodie blogs, whilst wearing Loose Debra style 'leisurewear' (sorry for using this word and for all it might conjure up to the sensitive amongst you, but needs must). So welcome, on the very day that Audrey Hepburn's photo exhibition opens at the National Portrait Gallery, to our occasional blog topic: Breakfast at Debra's.


So, we know that we like crunchy, oily, smooth, crispy, tasty and healthy: and our absolute ground rule is Lose the Processing! Today, for our first Breakfast at Debra's we used recipes loosely inspired by Hemsley and Hemsley and Deliciously Ella. (Do tip us the nod in the comments below to recommend a food blogger to us). We say 'inspired' because sometimes it's difficult to stick to a recipe.....when you don't have the exact ingredients...


We made a Green Smoothie, based on a recipe by Deliciously Ella. Our ingredients were: coconut milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, spinach and blueberries. We were hardcore about it and left out Ella's banana. Then we made pancakes out of eggs and chestnut flour as per H&H, swapping chestnut flour for chestnuts (as we had no flour) and grinding them up ourselves. We might have put a bit too much water in, as the Chestnut Pancakes were soggy and a bit sorry for themselves. Our smoothie wasn't altogether satisfactory either: we think it may have lacked a banana... (check out the photographs - they speak volumes!). 

However, we did, in true free fashion, throw together a nice Loose Stir-Fry of Jane's spontaneous invention! We used organic silken tofu marinated in juiced garlic and ginger, maple syrup, tamari and sweet smoked paprika and fried in coconut oil. (And we're not telling porkies - it seriously tasted like bacon!). We added baked mushrooms, steamed broccoli and asparagus, mixed beansprouts and spiralized courgettes (nothing if not stylish here at LD HQ). We tossed a few lightly toasted sesame seeds over the top and sliced up some avocados to go round the edges. Ta dah! Yep, we invented the Ta Dah Breakfast Stir Fry. Well, we needed cheering up.

So better luck next time. We're sure that, with all our messing around and haphazard cooking, Holly Golightly would have approved, but we hope to do better in the kitchen soon! 

Recipes and Inspiration by Jane Anderson, Arbiter of Taste (self-appointed)

Testers and models: Karen and Millie


Millie's black top with lace detailing across the chest is from Intimissimi (click link for similar) and Karen's blue-checked nightshirt is from Esprit at Asos.