Loose Occasions

Going to a wedding but don't want to be trussed up and tight around the chest? Got a summer party to attend and want to leave the bra behind? Been invited to a concert and want to feel free as a breeze on a summer's eve?

This week we show you solutions to these dilemmas which will do away with the embarassment of protruding nipples, unwanted attention for wobbly boobs, and the paranoia of looking flat-chested in a seemingly buxom world. Forget the hoisting and presenting of the tight max-cleavage wonderbra-type contraption and really...just set yourself free!

From our Pinterest Board, Loose Occasions, we have selected our Top Eight Occasion-wear Dresses, which we've listed from lowest to highest in price so you can choose according to budget - click on each dress to move to the next one.

The first dress above is a cold-shoulder swing dress from Asos. This dress is short and pretty and, due to the ruffle detailing, can certainly be worn bra-free. It's available in blue and nude pink and costs just £25. Our second choice, the Ariella Heather halter neck is currently featured on Shop the Tops and reduced to £71 (from £95). The halter, the drape and the colourful pattern mean that this dress covers and flatters in equal measure. Thirdly, we've picked a cobalt blue halter from Coast for £115. This smart and beautiful lightweight dress exudes effortless chic and even pops on easily over the head! As our fourth choice we are showing you something from a label currently beloved of fashionistas, Self Portrait. This one-shoulder wrap dress requires no bra and will still hold and flatter whilst looking very on point for £190. The flared knee-length skirt has the added interest of a semi-sheer hemline.

Our Number Five is a special cut-out fruit print design by Alice McCall and available from Asos at £227. The scalloped hemline and the embroidery make this dress interesting as well as beautiful, distracting from your assets...in a good way, as they say. Next up we have the classic Gardner dress from Viv Westwood's Anglomania at Selfridges. The slightly woollen material adds softness to ruching over the chest, whilst a cinched in waist and pleated skirt create a feminine silouhette without the need for constrictive undergarments! Westwood's new slogan is "Buy Less, Choose Well" making the price tag of £340 paletable. Our next designer dress is the Stella silk dress by Diane Von Furstenburg and is being sold at Selfridges for £340. It's both elegant and relaxed in style. The 'waterfall' design, whereby the material falls over sleeves and chest, says bra-freedom to us, and we think it's versatile and beautiful. Our final occasion-wear choice is the Nigella ruffled dress by Max Mara. This is available for £505 at Selfridges and we love the ruffles that create draping from the neck in an otherwise body-sculpted dress: a real wardrobe investment.

We hope you like our choices, and if you did, find more on our Loose Occasions board on Pinterest and follow us there. None of our dresses require that overrated accessory the bra - because remember, freedom doesn't have a strapline...

Jane, Arbiter of Taste (self-appointed) and Karen, Chief Freedom Fighter