The bigger boobs question

Lately we've had more feedback from the larger-chested amongst you who would like to go braless, and feel a bit excluded by our constant shout-outs to the smaller-chested. Now, as always, we want to be honest with you so we'll, err, get something off our chest: Loose Debra was always intended to be for small chested or no-chested individuals, who wanted bralessness to be an easier lifestyle choice. But our bustier friends and followers, with those underwired bras and pinchy staps, have made us sit down think. 

 Phia is part of Group 2 :-)

Phia is part of Group 2 :-)

Whilst this did of course hurt, (the thinking), we decided that Loose Debra is potentially attracting three groups of people.

1) Small-chested/no-chested women for whom there is no practical benefit to wearing a bra, and, indeed, for whom there are health benefits to not wearing one, but who would like tops that flatter them, or at least, don't make them look either 'ironing board' or pervy.

2) Free spirits who don't want to feel constrained, or have their health compromised, by the restrictive qualities of a bra, or by social conditioning/conformism.

3) Those who fit into both groups 1 and 2 simultaneously!

Therefore we are being followed by a part of group (2) who are not necessarily small-chested, but nevertheless want to be bra-free... at least sometimes.

Hope you're still with me, cos my head got fuggy round about here. But, in the spirit of the Max Cleavage Wonderbra (it's gotta be good for something), let's push onwards and upwards.

We asked some of our more generously endowed friends who say they'd like to be bra-free but feel they can't, what the problem is. They said that it's uncomfortable to go without support, and not only that, going bra-free can give them that unwanted 'porno-star look'. Although we didn't really know the feeling, in true Loose Debra fashion, we suggested stretchy, wide-banded soft crop tops for exercising or for physically demanding days, and then to check out Shop the Tops for average bra-free days, perhaps avoiding the high-neck or embellished tops which make one look bigger (here we smiled knowingly).

Whilst we do intend to find some nice, non-toxic, crop tops in a future Blog just for this group, we thought we'd also offer a de-bra-ing morsel to our curvier sisters this week. So we asked Loose Debra follower Phia (34cc), who wants 'to be bra-free when I can', to model a couple of ponchos for us. Ponchos are a 'transitional' item, (they take you from one season to the next) and are currently enjoying a fashion moment. Phia felt she needed some light support 'to feel comfortable', so she chose to wear them both with longline stretchy vest tops underneath.

This beautiful cotton Autumnal-toned Poncho is from Peruvian Connection and currently in the sale at £104.

This festival-inspired fringed crochet top is also in the sale at Asos for £11 - you can't go wrong! We think it looks great with a stretchy vest underneath and the lacy effect means freedom but no nipplage showing ;-)

We hope you like our choices, and would really love to know your thoughts on this.

Karen, Chief Freedom Fighter