Hard-Wired or Soft and Sexy? The Choice is Yours...

Are you hard-wired to wear a bra?

Alex recently contacted us on our Facebook page to say the following...

Alex relaxing with Clover, bralette working just fine...

"Hello! I wanted to say thank you! Have been following for some time. The Braticle blog particularly inspired me. I've always felt the pressure of needing a push up (a surprising amount of pressure that’s hard to overcome actually). I got my first Wonderbra at about 14 when I pinched one off my mum! The shame when a boy pulled a sock out of my bra in front of all my friends at 13! But bras are rubbish. I almost run home sometimes to fling my bra off as soon as I walk through the door. I'm a C minimum, and don't feel comfortable entirely free as I felt a bit 'swingy' when I tried it. I saw an article (I swear it was here but can’t find now) with suggestions of cute alternatives to underwire. I made an online order, and am so, so chuffed! I WISH I had done it years ago. The bralettes are so comfy, and (importantly for me 😊) very, very sexy! My shape looks so much better, I feel great, comfortable, & yes, very sexy! Not that it’s THE most important thing, but the husband is in 100% agreement. ;There's been a T)There's been a genuine transformation in how I feel about myself, both out and inside. Thank you sincerely for bringing your campaign to my attention - it’s just not a change I would have even considered, let alone carried out. I feel much more in line with my principles, and my awareness of and frustration with the pressures put on girls and women to fit an unattainable mould. If it’s OK, I’ll share where I got mine from, as I cannot recommend them enough…"

After that, who wouldn't want to know where she got hers from?!

I'll have what she's having!

I contacted Alex to thank her and ask some more. She sent this link to Bralettes by American Eagle Outfitters' "Aerie Bralettes" and her own pictures above. Loving the Aerie Bralettes - soft and pretty - but Alex made me smile widely with her story, gratitude and link. Her new-found comfort is exactly the kind of previously unconsidered freedom that we are raising awareness of and recommending. It's not just physical freedom, but mental too. When a habit changes, it has a funny way of changing life on more than one level, so by taking the action of forgoing an underwired bra, you may unexpectedly free your mind too and even re-align yourself with your real values about being a woman. 

Thanks so much Alex for sharing with us: may your socks always be on your feet, your wires in your electrical sockets, and your Wonderbra safely in the bin!

Let us know how bra-wearing, and not bra-wearing has affected you :-)

Karen Dobres, Chief Freedom Fighter