Solidarity Through Underwear: sending a message of hope to refugees arriving in Greece

Guest post by Jenny Birchall from Sussex Refugee Solidarity suggesting a very good use for all those unwanted bras...

"For the last year, since the European refugee crisis became more visible to us, living our comfortable lives here in the UK, I have despaired at the lack of government action to help people fleeing war, instability, poverty and repression. These people are willing to risk their own and their children’s lives crossing the Aegean sea at the behest of people smugglers, in a rubber dinghy in the dead of night – how desperate must they be, and how much worse must it be where they have come from?

The way I deal with this despair is by doing something active to help. I'm part of a group called Sussex Refugee Solidarity and each month members take responsibility for collecting a box of specific items to send to the Greek island of Chios for the refugees arriving there. Chios is one of the smaller islands that is not well equipped to receive refugees, but thousands are arriving each week. When they arrive (usually in the middle of the night and in rough seas) they're soaking wet, very cold and often have lost their belongings overboard.

This month I'm collecting women's underwear to go to Chios. More specifically, clean, nearly new/good condition bras. And also clean thermal vests and leggings, and new knickers/pants. All sizes are needed, from teenage girls to size 16 - the average size needed is 10-12. The underwear will be packed up and shipped by courier to volunteers working in Chios who know best how to distribute it.

If you have anything to donate please get in touch! You can drop them off or post them to me, to arrive before the end of March."

My email:

Jenny Birchall



 If you don't need a bra, here's where to send it :-)

If you don't need a bra, here's where to send it :-)